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Alphius Insurance School

A partnership in learning

Success is Within Reach!

Welcome to your first step to a rewarding and well-paid career in the insurance industry.  Alphius Insurance School provides you with a structured, well-plan path to passing the Life & Health, Life Only, Health Only and Property & Casualty insurance exam. With our highly skilled instructors, you will learn insurance terminologies and theory-based concepts needed to give you the confidence and knowledge come exam day. Whether you decide on our one-on-one tutoring or our live online group classes, Alphius Insurance School is here to help you reach your dream. 

Instructors are Certified Licensed Insurance Professionals

Flexible Payments with 0% Interest 

Offering Life & Health and Property & Casualty Online Classes

It doesn’t have to be this hard.

Having trouble passing your insurance exam? No matter what each day is throwing at you.  You can achieve whatever goal you put forth. It’s all about your mindset.

My teaching philosophy begins with understanding what you currently know and unlocking the concepts that you struggle with in order to increase your knowledge and build your self-confidence.  

In no time, I will have you fully prepared and confident for your insurance exam. 

Expert training. Remarkable results – guaranteed.

 I get it...we all feel the nerves, anxiety, and apprehension when taking a test.  I will help you overcome these fears and have you fully prepared come exam day.  

Online Tutoring

Personalized tutoring for the Life & Health license, Property & Casualty license, or Personal Lines license exams for any state.  Book your session now.  

Life & Health
Online Classes

3 -day interactive on-line prep class for the Life & Health Insurance License.   Your State Laws and Regulations supplement included.   Book your class now.  

Property & Casualty Online Classes

3 -day interactive on-line prep class for the Property & Casualty Insurance License.  Your State Laws and Regulations supplement included.  

Book your class now.  

Here for you - and staying that way.

We care about our students, and it shows in every interaction.  We appreciate the fact that while our students may share common challenges and struggles, every student is unique.  That's why our process is personalized.  And always will be.  

Step 1


We will start by working on understanding your weaknesses and figuring out what is holding you back from mastering the exam.  After developing a personalized plan, we will dive into learning the different types of insurances and regulations and applying them to real world situations, which helps broaden the full understanding of your learning.

Girls taking Online Class

Step 2


As we progress through your training, we will continue to review and practice what you have learned to ensure you fully comprehend the material.  I will explain things to look for on the test and how to approach certain questions.  Through our sessions, I will continuously build your confidence.  

women taking online class

Step 3


I’ve work with a lot of students, but I’ve yet to meet someone who gets it right the first time.  This is why I continue to work with you to iterate and evolve both your knowledge and confidence.  With a short period of time, you will feel ecstatic knowing you are ready to take on the insurance exam.

guy taking online class

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